Pro-Vision offer a pupil mentoring programme specifically to challenging children of all ages in school. We are based at The UCAN Centre in Carleton, Pontefract. We are specialist’s in trying to help and educate children on the fundamentals of behaviour, attitude and life skills. We have had a lot of success with previous schemes of work and would like you to take your time to read through it as it may be beneficial for some of your students. It would be a pleasure to work along side you and help these children gain the skills and qualities they need and deserve. Below are a few examples of lessons which will be delivered to the allocated students.

Boxing Mentoring

Here at Pro-Vision we are combining boxing with pupil mentoring! We are specialist’s in trying to help and educate children on the fundamentals of positive behaviour and life skills. For some children with anger management issues, the boxing in tandem with the scheme of work we use will be extremely beneficial for them. Also, children who struggle with confidence and self-esteem will benefit from this project.

  1. Releasing Anger

Pent up anger is one of the most explosive, damaging things we can house in our bodies. It can cause physical and mental symptoms as well as cause problems in our relationships as we negatively interact with those in our lives. Boxing alongside our scheme of work can help to release this pent up anger, because it gives you a safe place to release the anger and aggression you’re feeling.

  1. Work through Emotions

Highly emotional situations often manifest themselves physically. If you’ve ever noticed a physical stress response or need to “hit something” during an especially emotional situation, boxing is a great way to work through the physical reaction to those emotions. This will also allow you the mechanism to work through leftover emotions that may need to be talked out. If you find you have an anger management problem, our boxing instructor and behavioural specialist provide a safe, appropriate environment to let these emotions out.

The Session:

The sessions will run for 2 hours, based on our scheme of work in the first hour.

  • Managing Confrontation
  • Actions & Consequences
  • Relationships

These are just a selection of the lessons we will be delivering. The second hour of the session is when the boxing professional takes over and delivers the practical side of things. Many of the morals we will be teaching are actually involved in boxing! The lessons will be tailored to the children’s needs, and the schools needs when requested. At Pro-Vision we are providing a safe, fun environment for these children to work in. Our Professional boxer will work with these children on the practical side of things whilst our behaviour specialist is educating and assessing the students. The students will be learning valuable lessons and morals they can take with them throughout their lives.